Norton Cleaner
Norton Cleaner

Android is a versatile and accessible operating system, as they can be adapted various types of applications so that it works its maximum percentage with the possibility of downloading app in and off the store, download customization apps, create the super rot user, among many other coas that is available within the operating system.

 Norton Cleaner is one of it, that is, that it is app It will make use of cleaning inside your device, it is not to remove the dust or some stain, not, but it is responsible for deleting garbage files that are unnecessary, the liberation of RAM, temporary download files, etc.

* Diagnostics: At the start of the APP it has a general diagnosis that makes a complete review of the device, that means that it will count all the errors and files and unnecessary things that are within it.

 * Cleaning: The cleaning of the device will not take more than 3 to 5 minutes since this excellent application may be in less than 2 minutes.

 * Interface: It has an interface not very complex but if it is understood for any user, that is, just stroll through the menu where all the accesses are found to the options of the app, you can handle it completely.

It should be noted that operating systems are most filled with malware, which may be errors thereof, but with a simple app as Norton Cleaner can be fixed by it thanks to its efficient cleaner that has been incorporated.

In addition to knowing that when we sail on the Internet and we put on online pages, these have something called cookies, which are the research trail you have left or that you have passed and left your IP there, these cookies will accumulate and make your device a slower for it that is Norton Cleaner will help you eliminate it.

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