Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock

Most of the time I load our phone to our children, nephews, friends, colleagues, family among other people and we are never sure if they actually use your device to perform the task they were going to do, for this reason it is that Norton App Lock comes to leave that.

This great application allows you to block each app you have installed on your mobile device is that, you can place a pattern, pin or password so that your phone is safer than ever and the other people think that with knowing the unlocking password of the device they have everything.

* Secure lock: We should not always trust the simple block that the phones offered by us, therefore is that there are applications like Norton App Lock to have your most protected device.

* Designs: On the other hand, at the time of placing the PIN or password you will have different designs and colors to put the wallpaper of the locking background, from photos of yourself to topics given by the same application.

* Interface: It has a relatively simple interface, since you just have to choose that Apps you want to be locking and supplied the password to put and easily and easily you will have your phone locked on all sides.

It is important to mention that it will allow you to block the app again, after using it or when the device is locked by itself, in addition to blocking applications you can hide it and no one will know that there are by the confidential content that no one can observe.

To download this app You just have to have an Android device with Android 5.0 or higher, with enough storage space available to download it from PlaidStore and so you can have your healthy device and except that you check your documents, photos among many other personal things within it.

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