Night Owl
Night Owl

This application is a very useful tool to take care of our sight, we no longer have to worry about damaging our eyes when using our mobile in dark or very clear places since Night Owl helps you regulate the brightness of your screen so you do not affect your sight , it is a safe application and very easy to use.

In addition, it has updates and improvements that optimize the service by providing optimal assistance and quality that takes care of your eyes and gives you a healthier way to use our phones, and is completely free and available for Android and IOS.

*Adjustable Brightness: Adjust the brightness of your screen according to your needs and desires, not only can you lighten or obscure, you can also alternate different shades of blue of the applications and adjust the colors of the filters according to your preferences.

*Automated: You will not forget to adjust the brightness since the system has an automatic option, just record at what time you want to turn on or off the setting and your time zone, this way we will know at what time we should adjust the brightness of your screen.

*Timer: This application works with GPS because when registering your time zone and geographic location it adapts to the day and night always taking care of your sight and providing you with a safer way to use the phone.

This application will help you not only to take care of your sight but also to reduce headaches caused by straining your eyesight, since it has the advantage of having an automatic option that activates at nightfall according to the registration of your time zone and turns off at dawn, in case you forget to do it yourself. This is how we obtain a quality service that allows us to take care of our health, while we freely use our phone without worrying about damaging our vision.

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