The era of buying DVD or Blu-Ray discs has been in the past, nowadays the use of the internet to watch series and movies is very frequent and everywhere we can see a person making use of alternative services to visualize these elements.

However, not all online series movie servers can offer sufficient quality of both video and audio regardless of how good the internet connection is. And despite the fact that there are free servers to view these files, sometimes the payment means justify their way of acquiring things.

It's when Netflix comes online, an online service to watch movies or TV series in streaming available for many devices, has different types of playback quality and it all depends on the subscription you make. A service that has been waiting for a long time.

*Subscriptions: Netflix subscription plans are divided into three categories; Basic (you can only see it at once on a device and in sd resolution), Standard (can be seen on two devices and maximum resolution of 720p) and Premium (4 devices at the same time and resolution up to 4K).

*Guided start: when we install the application and start, the first thing you ask us is to create an account or place your own, followed by selecting the subscription plan and send us to the main screen.

*Interactive menu: by sliding to the right side the application menu is displayed where we have options such as: home, TV, action, science fiction, comedies, documentaries, dramas, independent, for the whole family, among others; all of these options obey the categories of movies or series of the application.

On the main screen, different categories are divided and in the search engine you can find a movie either by the genre or by trend of the moment. If we go to the profile, we have the possibility of placing our own profile or that of children (a special profile with parental control for minors); In addition, if you have the Premium subscription, you can adjust up to 4 profiles in the same application.

The categories also have sub categories in which they are classified depending on the theme of the same, for example: in the category of terror we have sub categories such as terror gore, psychopaths, supernatural terror, among others. In addition, the application has its own built-in media player and works wonders according to the opinion of thousands of users.

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