Net Nanny
Net Nanny

It may be a great privilege to be able to give your child a gift, be it a remote-controlled cart, a toy, a soccer or basketball ball, even a phone, which you should give the same great security to, because young children They almost never know how serious things are.

 Net Nanny is an application that will help you control everything that arrives and receives your child's phone device either from the web pages where they get to the applications they open and download, this will be very useful to have your child protected of any danger that exists on the Internet.

* Greater Security: Being able to have control of your child's or minor's device you can be totally aware of their activities with it and be more sure that they suffer from hacking.

  * Screen time limit: It has a limit section that you can set for the device screen, that is, turn it on at 7am and be on page at 9pm, so as not to wear your child with so much time in the available. 

  * Links of Web Pages: You will have the possibility to be aware and see what links and what pages on the Internet your children visit with this great app from your personal phone, even being away from your child's device.

Today there are many types of irrigation on and off the web, since kidnappers can talk to minors for various types of applications where they can commit crimes and therefore want to be aware and take care of your child.

  You only need an Android or IOS device that has enough storage space available to download it from PlayStore and AppStore that, and be able to be aware and sure that your children are not at risk.

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