MyFitnessPal is the application you need to lose weight in a healthy way, sometimes you do not know what things are sabotaging us in our weight loss process, it is for this reason that this platform arises since it offers you a daily guide of the foods that consume and how many calories you have so that next time you think better before eating it.

It is a complete platform that offers varied options so that you can achieve your goals more quickly and healthily, so you can know how many calories your daily food has, in this way you control the intake of calories, obtaining better results in your diet.

*Multidisciplinary: MyFitnessPal is not only an assistant that records your daily caloric intake, it also offers you options to lead a healthier life through exercise routines that will help you in your weight loss process as well as a series of motivational tips so you can continue and achieve your goals.

*Customized: In order for the application to adapt to your goals and needs you have a spreadsheet where you provide your data such as weight, height and ideal weight, in order to create a specific plan for you, since myfitneespal will provide you with a guide so that you know the most efficient way to lose weight in different periods of time, and also with the registration of this data the application will calculate the amount of calories you must consume per day to reach your goals.

*Interactive: MyFitnessPal guarantees that your process of recovering a healthy life is much more fun than you think, because it offers you the option of adding the exercise routines you practice so that the application also calculates the consumption of calories burned, and Synchronize your account with those of your friends to share the progress made.

It is an application designed for people who want to recover their healthy life but who have no knowledge of the factors of failure in their diet, since many people are not aware of the amount of calories contained in any specific food this application has a wide and varied register of food to calculate the calories of everything you eat.

It is a simple application to use and is available for Android or IOS completely free, download MyFitnessPal recover your healthy life and reach your ideal weight of a more efficient, fun and fast.

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