My Talking Tom
My Talking Tom

Not all game applications should be strictly competition, confrontations or strategy; Sometimes these must be kept under constant surveillance and rekindled every so often. One way to have this kind of applications is with the idea of a virtual pet.

Like a real-life mascot, this My Talking Tom software offers you the experience of keeping an avatar represented by a cat that needs to be bathed, fed, played with and even in good health and physically healthy. put him to sleep.

Available for multiple platforms, take care of raising a pet that will be with you at all times as long as you carry your smartphone or tablet nearby, sending notifications about your current status will remind you that you have a pet to care for.

*The beginning of everything: in this edition the game is not limited to the common of virtual pets as it repeats everything you say with a distorted voice, that responds to your caresses purring or your blows with a scolding. This has more options, when you receive Tom it is a puppy and your task from the moment you take it out of the box is to make it grow little by little.

*Indicators: accounts with 4 indicators to achieve it: the first we see is the dream and indicates whether Tom has enough energy or if you need more rest, if the indicator is low you should turn off the light and put it to sleep. The bathroom indicator shows you if you need to go to relieve yourself, if you have to go to the bathroom you will not sleep or want to eat. The third indicator is that of hunger and you have to feed it among the different options to fill that indicator. The fourth indicator is that of the emotions that fill up when you cover all other needs, play with it or caress it.

The mini games of My Talking Tom begin being easy but they get complicated, the reward is still rewarding: gold coins that will help you to customize the game. In this game everything is customizable: the furniture, the decoration, the objects of the rooms and even Tom himself, to whom you can give the look that you want.

In the store, with your coins, you can buy more decoration options that will be unlocked as you level up. The more interactions you have with Tom, the more he grows and the more level he gets. The duration in the bathroom for Tom will depend on how low the level of the respective indicator was.

When it comes to feeding Tom, you can give him between fruits, vegetables, fast food, desserts, specials, drinks and even potions that can fill any other indicator. Sometimes Tom himself will tell you what he wants to eat when he refuses a meal and agrees to eat another.

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