My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela

The idea of having an application on the phone or tablet is to use it frequently, something that many of them do not have due to their affinity and that a day-to-day use is not what they were created for. Although everything depends on the user's need, it is inevitable to have applications that run maybe up to 2 times per week.

Being a gaming software, this factor is very important and in it My Angela Talking specializes. A virtual pet application very similar to its neighbor My Talking Tom but adding the subtle style that every female user needs to feel comfortable with their pet.

Keep an eye on the stability of this kitten by feeding her, playing with her, feeding her, grooming her, among other activities that will keep you using the phone a couple of times a day.

*Safe start: when the application starts, the user's age is asked. This to know what content may be available for that person who is involved in the application as part of the small parental control that the developers have placed.

*Indirect tutorial. When Angela appears on the screen she asks you to caress her and automatically activates the mood level in the bottom bar of the screen. The same happens when he says he is hungry and the feeding bar is activated, the same happens with the energy bar and the toilet bar.

*Many levels: as you play with Angela, she goes up the level and this translates to the age of your pet. And by mixing age we can also see how it grows and becomes more adult with respect to phenotypic features and clothing.

At the beginning of the application they also ask you if you are a boy or a girl, and then a landscape appears with a baby car with small cat legs swinging from one side to the other. At mealtime you must drag the food to Angla's mouth, sometimes you will not want to eat the food you propose so you can switch between the menu you have in the refrigerator.

In the bathroom you can do two activities, by selecting the area of the sink and the mirror, you can clean your teeth when brushing and then with a small vacuum cleaner remove the leftovers of food between the teeth; When selecting the bath tub you can clean it full body by lathering and remove the foam with the shower.

To be able to play games with Angela it is necessary that the energy and power bar have a good level, otherwise she will not have the courage to play and make points and get gold.

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