Music Maker JAM
Music Maker JAM

It is an option to create music on your mobile. It is not an application for professional music composers or music lovers who control all the possible options of sound creation. It is a very good alternative for fans who do not have much knowledge of creating songs with which they will have quite good and entertaining results.

But if you are one of those who want to make their first mixes, this is a good option since basically acceptable results are obtained under the use of predefined options by the application, the user interface is very interactive and easy to use in order to make better the path of the creation of music as such. Available for multiple platforms, create your songs and save them in your Music player to listen or even use notification tone.

*Several zones: one of these is "Styles" in which we can buy or download effects of musical instruments, voice effects, among others. Although the application is free and so are certain styles when downloading, there are also purchases within it and the price depends on the classification of the effect you want to use. The section "New Styles" stores purchase content, only if you want to acquire a style of this area you will have to buy it. Finally we have "Projects" and here you save the songs you have created and gives you the option to create a new one.

*Simple user interface: when you start a new project, in the interface we must first add using the "+" button within each of the styles as "rock ballads"; where we find options like guitar, bass, piano, among others.

We can choose between the different tones offered by each instrument of each musical style. By pressing another "+" button we can add a different style and leave the instrument we want set. Once each of the elements is loaded, we go to the mixer where we can vary the volume of each one or even deactivate them without having to eliminate them.

In the upper right we have the "play" button and while still in the "mixer" section we can edit the volume level of each element in real time. In the "project" section we have the final option of saving and placing a name is recorded in the phone's memory.

It has many advanced options of which you even need to see tutorials to learn properly, a very complete application for those who are interested in the topic of digital music creation.

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