Mushroom Guardian
Mushroom Guardian

This excellent platform game is never in a bad mood, Marian Larronde's Mushroom Guardian seeks to return the glory to the old action games. Enjoy this latest adventure and save the kingdom in the company of the fun characters of this game quite entertaining.

Become the hero of this story, stop the evil King Sapo and his army to recover the magic mushrooms and thus restore the balance of the forest. Do not miss out on this great adventure full of magic and an epic soundtrack.

* Gameplay: This game is considered quite simple because its playability is simple and easy to learn, your role will be that of the Igor Gnome, you must cross the different paths until you reach the lair of King Sapo to face him and recover all the magic mushrooms.

* Movements: To be able to complete the trip you can use all the movements; Fly, roll on the ground, jump and shoot arrows at all your enemies. You have the support of the vigilant rabbit Ziggy that will help you to locate the enemies on the map.

* Design: This game has some amazing graphics, quite colorful. It also has a band area that fits perfectly for the touch of fun. It has 20 fun levels that will leave you asking for more and more.

Mushroom Guardian is undoubtedly a title that will remind you of the old platform games where you have a clear objective and its difficulty lies in the ability you have to advance in the levels. This game will make you entertain and clear your mind in your free time.

Enjoy this great game while you spend hours of adventure being an adventurous gnome, you should not miss the opportunity to be a hero of the forest and defeat King Sapo. The game can be obtained for free for Android users but for the Apple store it costs $ 1.99.

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