MTV Play
MTV Play

This application is dedicated to all fans of MTV programming. With it you can access all MTV content from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are, which is ideal to keep up with your favorite programs and artists.

If you have a subscription in Bankia Online you can access the MTV Premium area where you can see a large part of the channel's programming. With this application you can see all the good content of MTV and watch the full episodes of your favorite shows.

*Content: When you download MTV Play you can enjoy a lot of the content of the channel. If you miss a chapter of your favorite series you can access them from anywhere you are without losing detail.

*Transmission: With MTV Play you can have many advantages such as accessing the channel transmission enjoying new episodes and new series from anywhere. The best thing is that you can see all your content in real time.

*Programming: You can enjoy live MTV programming from your favorite mobile device or tablet. You only need to enter the application and locate the option "MTV Live" and you will see all the programming that is happening on television.

MTV Play is an application that you can download for free on your mobile devices that have an Android or IOS operating system. Pass using it you only have to have an Internet connection and your Bankia Online credential.

Do not miss the opportunity to be aware of all the content and news of MTV, all from your smartphone. Live a great experience when you download MTV Play and enjoy everything that this application has prepared for you, tell all your friends.

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