Public transport can be unpredictable in some cities and sometimes you need to know how you are going to get around the city when you need to do your errands and do not have your own car. With Moovit you can plan any route by public transport and choosing the most convenient or fastest route.

Moovit has real-time updates of the main public transport services such as bus or subway, you can get information about traffic at the moment receiving alerts; as well as knowing which are the best routes to reach the destination you chose.

* Service: This application allows you to first know the news of public transport in real time thanks to its geolocation service being this the best alternative to know the possibilities you have to move through public transport either bus, metro, train, etc. . Your updates are given by the transport services and their users.

* Easy: Using this application is quite simple and easy, you just have to choose a starting point, almost always the current location, and a point of arrival. In a matter of seconds the application will show you all the existing suggestions: Sometimes you will need to walk, other times you will take transfers, sometimes it will be faster and sometimes more comfortable.

* During the trip: Once you are on your way to your destination you can receive alerts about possible incidents that may happen in traffic such as traffic jams, delays, etc., all through the contributions made by the community of travelers who use Moovit .

If you are heading to a city that you have never visited before, you should download this fabulous application and know the different routes, traffic and buses that you can take in real time. Through this application you can know all the existing ways to reach a particular destination.

Getting Moovit is very easy, fast and simple. This is an ideal tool to use in your daily life when traveling by public transport or it is also a good option to visit a new city. Your download is completely free so do not wait any longer and download Moovit on your phone.

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