Monument Valley
Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a game that defies the laws of physics, you have to be a true engineer to configure the levels and help Princess Ida to leave the labyrinth with ingenious techniques.

Put your approve as you have to develop new ways and skills to pass level. It is a simple game that consists of 10 levels, in which you must develop your spatial vision to get out of the labyrinths in bizarre and unconventional ways.

*Artistic: The scenarios, the 3D graphics, and the geometric architectures, make this game a true work of art. Its design makes the aesthetics of the game captivating using the minimalist mode, which makes it a fun game. but nice to look at too.

*Simple: Monument Valley is designed especially for people who want to test their perspective to decode optical illusions, however it is not a game so complicated to understand and has only 10 levels that guarantee a pleasant and interesting experience.

*Modern: It is a widely recognized game, because it has won more than 10 awards in its first version because it is a current proposal, new and interesting feature for which it has been recognized in famous television series.

It is an application that gives you the opportunity to exercise your mental capacity to solve in a practical way the spatial complexities, while enjoying wonderful scenarios executed in an artistic way, this feature even plays a leading role in the game more than the objective itself.

You can download it for free through your Android or IOS mobile device and start enjoying incredible scenarios with high resolution graphics, while helping Princess Ida to leave the labyrinth in a creative and daring way.

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