Mirrors Edge Companion
Mirrors Edge Companion

For all those lovers of video games will be impressed by this incredible game launched by Electronic Arts in 2016, a game that places us in a modern city where you must face armed police and try to flee.

Mirror's Edge is a very exciting game because it is about being alert all the time and you must have good reflexes in case of any attack, that is why this new proposal called Mirror's Edge Companion comes out which allows you to perform a Track your progress in the game.

*Tool: It is very important to emphasize that this application is not the main game but it is a tool that allows you to play better because with this application you will have a three-dimensional vision of the whole city.

*Tracking: Thanks to this application you will not lose sight of your friends since it gives you a much wider view, you can also keep track of your progress, evolution and even the data of your friends.

*Complement: If Mirror's Edge is your favorite games then do not miss the opportunity to get the best out of the game with this complementary application. Get extra points and many improvements in the game with this application.

This application has brought many improvements to the original game, which is why many of the fans of Mirror's Edge prefer to install this add-on and not miss any details of the application.

With Mirror's Edge Companion you can create your own challenges, save information about the sites you have visited in the city and the data of your careers, everything is possible through this application, download it and take advantage of this tool to be the best.

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