Minion Rush
Minion Rush

When there is a game application referring to an animated movie, it tends to gain popularity immediately. However it is difficult to hit the target with the type of gameplay of it, so a convincing game is to apply the game theme of some other applications, adapting characters and other features of the movie.

This is the case of Gru Mi Villano Favorite: Minion Rush; a game mode very similar to the famous Temple Run but with ambience and adaptation of the film where the popular minions appear. Integrating from characters to decoration components seen in the film.

So start the race with your favorite character while dodging obstacles and accumulate coins and then buy items that can help you in your next adventure on the typical three-way path of this type of games.

*Different characters: although at the beginning they give us a common and current minion, along the progress of the game we can go buying others that come clothing and accessories in which we can easily vary, between male and female personalities of the same.

*Quick start: when opening the application we get our character once and by tapping the play button we can start the race directly. The minion does not have a reason to run, as if escaping from someone, it only starts with the race and jumps to a platform that would be the beginning of the track.

*Peculiar currencies: although in any application of this type with jugabilidad they contain like currency content the real figure of a currency anyone, here the monetary system changes to bananas. Collect bananas to buy your accessories and other characters.

When you start the application, your avatar leaves that you left the last time you were in the application, but in any case you can interact with it by tapping along your body; some can perceive them as caresses and laugh but others take them as mistreatment and make annoying gestures.

On the track there are obstacles such as rockets or traffic signals, which you can dodge by stepping to the side or sliding down and jumping respectively. There are also sections of the track that are empty leaving only two ways to move.

There are occasions where only the middle track of the total track remains simply for you to obtain bonuses, power-ups and that your minion makes one or the other acrobatics with the help of their friends. Take the rocket booster and fly faster on the track collecting the bonuses that are in the air.

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