Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game where you can make the most wonderful constructions without any limitation to your imagination leaving the artist in you unleash, creating the perfect space of your dreams.

A world full of dangers and possibilities that combines survival with the elements of construction, and is easy to adapt because the user is part of the story to be the same projected in first person.

What highlights this program of others in its category is its easy adaptation to the various operating systems that have smart devices taking this wonderful experience to a second level being much more pleasant.

*Control: it has the controls reflected on the screen, which makes it easier to make movements when you have a complete view of everything you do. At the bottom left are located the direction buttons and to jump while with the finger located on the right side of it we will turn the camera and placing or destroying blocks.

*Graphics: because its essence is a cruder style and in a certain way away from reality it has vibrant, subtle and unique graphics, for example, the creatures on fire emit large particles with fire animations, and at sunset the clouds turn pink among others.

*Worlds: are set in places with a gloomy and rudimentary air that is part of the charm, worthy of the medieval era, just to live experiences never known in places like this and I think about playing it and you? What are you waiting for? And join this wonderful story!

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game that does not need any gadget because its simplicity is the element of attraction that attracts the user and has been amplified to be able to play cooperatively with other users to leave behind the hours of solitude just by connecting to a local network.

I must admit that the updates and configurations that have been made in the program has totally re-empowered the way you play and enjoy your bone space in your busy day to day being this way your portal of disconnection with reality for a while.

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