Mindvalley Quests
Mindvalley Quests

On the internet there are many places where we can find discussion groups and support, but there are very few who really help you, advise and accompany you during your journey. Therefore, in this opportunity we present you Mindvalley Quests.

Mindvalley Quests is a forum style where you can connect with users around the world, who will share their experiences, tips, goals and motivations, which will help you with your own experiences, at the same time you complete the list of activities that the application provides in order to improve various aspects of your personal life living in society.

* Connection: as mentioned at the beginning, this application allows you to connect with people around the world who use it, but you can also link it with your Facebook account, in order to get friends who also use the application.

* List of tasks: the objective of the activity is to improve certain aspects that you consider you should reinforce in your personal life. To do this, each day will give you a list of tasks that you must perform in a certain time.

* Testimonials: in Mindvalley Quests you will find a community of people willing to help each other regardless of where you are in the world, so there will be all kinds of testimonies about personal experiences.

If you want to reach a specific goal and feel that you are not motivated enough, or feel that you are alone, Mindvalley Quests comes to show you that you are completely wrong.

Discover everything you are capable of, by downloading Mindvalley Quests on your mobile device and discover how you motivate yourself, discover what inspires you and what makes you want to be better every day. To succeed in life, you just need to be willing and work hard for it.

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