Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the community that enjoys arcade games, known for simplicity and basic features but that entertain and entertain anyone.

For that and more we invite you to download Mimo to discover this incredible game, which is easy to play and whose dynamics is through levels, get the score and have fun with amazing music in general.

* Entertainment for all: Mimo is a game that will entertain kids and adults for hours, where as you progress you will find new levels of greater difficulty that will keep you attentive. In addition, you can change your avatar in the same rhythm as you advance in the levels

* Availability: Take advantage of this game available to you and to everyone around you no matter your age. This is how everyone at home can access this game. With only MIMO you can go directly to Google Play and get it for Android free.

* Attractiveness: The graphing of each format makes the game very attractive and visually rewarding for the player, stimulating the desire to continue submerged in the game. Also, as you move forward you will find new challenges that hook you.

Both children and adults can have fun with MIMO, without distinction, that is, it is designed for the whole family. In the style of the arcade game Mimo offers you throughout this magical adventure different scenarios where you will find the company of nice and adorable characters, with very attractive color graphics.

Let yourself be captivated by MIMO. Once immersed in the magical world of MIMO, and you have advanced through the different levels, you will automatically unlock the following levels and you can change the avatar to find yourself with a level with greater difficulty.

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