Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

Making documents of any Office Word format is no longer the task of only a Windows PC. These documents can represent a good option when sending a resume, making a multimedia presentation, keeping company records, among others.

But we can not always access these files from our phone. In some cases, devices only bring a document reader of this type but are limited to reading only. However, there are other applications that are dedicated to editing them.

But on the other hand we have the official Microsoft application that reads, edits and creates documents with this Office Word format. Counting on a large amount of tools that although it does not compare with the PC version, it leaves behind the other tools that some other similar application can offer.

*Easy to use: has a very simple user interface that allows you to move between the many functions of the application. In the main screen the first two options that we see are "Open" and "New"; In addition to having a list of documents that have recently been opened.

*Different services: when we choose the option "open" we get different options in which we see the recent documents, OneDrive, Dropbox, this device, another place in the cloud and even add a file where we keep specific documents.

*Good editing: once inside a document, it is very similar to Microsoft's computer program; one of the differences of this application with the others is that with a small tab that allows us to modify all the parameters that we can find in the PC program, such as type of letter, format of paragraphs, bullets, among others.

One of the advantages of having this application is that we can make specific but significant modifications to our documents, whether you want to modify any that you have in the cloud and can access from your mobile to make a quick adjustment despite not having a screen so big to have such tools. Or even if we have to take a quick note you can also create a notepad and access them using the application.

It has the classic Word buttons to undo and redo to be able to rectify if we are wrong. In the menu part of the application it gives us the opportunity to open a new one, save the one we are currently editing, the classic "save as" option, share, print, close and comment on the document.

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