Microsoft Traductor
Microsoft Traductor

Tool type applications are very useful for any situation and the fact of having them on hand in our mobile device makes them very practical. Sometimes we like to read texts, listen to songs or see news that is necessarily in another language and we do not always know the perfection of it.

Being with a translator dictionary is very old-fashioned, adding that we would be educated in only one language. There are thousands of translators' applications in mobile stores, but not all of them work completely and that depends a lot on the developer group from where it comes.

For this and much more, Microsoft has developed its own translator application called Microsoft Translator and is available for multiple platforms with a wide range of translation and unique company features. With its characteristic Windows 10 style, it brings us one of the best translation tools of the moment.

*Voice system: the characteristic property of this application is its voice recognition system. It is known that Microsoft has one of the best methods of speech recognition and this is added in this application. Simply put the translator in recognition mode and mention the word or phrase you want to translate into the previously adjusted language. In order to carry out this action, the phrase that you mentioned appears on the screen, its translation and a voice make the correct pronunciation.

*Many languages: both recognition and translation, has a large number of languages and the conversion is done as fast as the device's internet connection is. You can choose the input method of what you want to translate both in voice and keyboard.

*Lightweight: due to the simplicity of the user interface, this application is very light regardless of the store from which it is downloaded or the operating system, which indicates that it does not represent a heavy burden for the system.

Despite being from Microsoft, it is not an exclusive application for devices with operating systems belonging to the company. Having little time in the application stores, its reliability is so great that it has surpassed many popular translation applications among users.

In the home screen, after translating a sentence or word we have the pion to reproduce the pronunciation again and even put that translation in full screen mode and can reproduce the pronunciation again with a small button that appears in the lower right corner.

We can also access the translation history we have done during the day and how long we have used the application, all this when entering the application's home screen again.

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