Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

This is a cloud storage application, for those users who like to make backup copies, in case at any time they get to damage their SD memory or accidentally delete files, do not lose files or documents; It is also very helpful sometimes when you want to format the phone completely.

This Microsoft application is called One Drive, as we know, there may be similar applications such as Google Drive or Dropbox. But the fact of being Microsoft gives us a high degree of confidence to install on our device without even seeing comments on the classification of the application.

In addition, thanks to its age, has at hand a large number of tools that perhaps many of the online storage applications do not yet have. Adding the extensive connection you have with Hotmail or Outlook accounts.

*Simple presentation: at the beginning of the application, it presents a very easy-to-use user interface. In the menu gives us the option to register with our Hotmail account. What is an advantage since it does not ask us to register with a special account for the application.

*Easy to configure: when we enter the configuration section, it appears that we have 15 GB of storage available. In addition, with the fast storage of the camera we are offered 15 Gb more. For a total of 30 Gb that we can occupy only with direct content of our mobile.

*Good organization: the ease of the interface is very useful, we have the option to request an access code to increase the security of our application. In the home screen it shows us folders like files, photos, recent documents, shared and recycle bin.

You can also adopt OneDrive for those who run a company, and in this section the terms and conditions change a bit compared to the standard user. Create your folders and organize your content, when you press the "add" button we will see options like upload file, upload photos and video and create folder.

You can change the way the content is viewed, either in grids or as a list. In addition to order by name, size or date. You can configure the camera's payload to automatically upload the photo taken to the cloud without having to authorize it.

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