Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

If you are usually someone who uses Microsoft Excel on your computer, now you will have the possibility to download it for your favorite mobile device and enjoy all the tools it offers.

This version of Microsoft Excel is dedicated to people who need to do a lot of work through their worksheets but who do not want to be kept in the office for hours. Now with this application it is possible to work on your finances, audits and accounting from wherever you are.

* Presentation: Through this application you can improve your presentation and creation of tasks. When you start you will have access to the different updated templates in order to take advantage of it and make the reports you must do. No matter which device is using your documents, they are synchronized immediately.

* Edit: With Microsoft Excel you can edit or update any project you are working on. From the place you are and when you want. You can use the options to filter and sort the columns, until you decide if you want to place graphics on your reports.

* Touch functions: When you are using the application on your device you will have some tactile functions with which you can draw and even create notes. With this wonderful application you can share your work quickly with others and even invite them to edit without any problem to leave comments about the evolution of the project.

Microsoft Excel is a very valuable tool in which you can work as a team and from the place you want without any limitation, which is why it has become the preferred application of many users since you can only get advantages from it.

Get the best results by relying on the first class tools that this application offers. Microsoft Excel is a free application that will help you surprise the people around you with the great projects you can create.

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