When we talk about interactive applications to learn languages, Memrise is undoubtedly one of the best, because it is a program for mobile devices that has one of the most innovative and easy methods of learning.

With more than 200 thousand language courses available, in addition to 100 academic subjects, Memrise uses didactic and fun strategies to carry out the lessons of each language. Likewise, it is an app designed and focused on three important aspects of learning, such as science, fun and community.

*Repeat system: this mobile application uses the repetition method to memorize the content, through audio and texts, users get familiar with words in a new language and if they do not succeed, the application repeats them later to ensure the process Learning.

*Free: unlike other applications to learn languages, this is completely free so that users will have it at their fingertips with just a visit to electronic stores.

*Design: this is an application whose image and colors are very pleasing to the eye, making the learning process something totally fun and interesting.

*Science: through the stimulation of sensory memories, memrise allows users to relate words with images.

*Interactive: memrise is a fully interactive application where users learn faster thanks to games and teaching strategies.

*Adapted learning technology: this is a tool used to identify the level of performance of users and thus adapt the content to their needs.

Memrise is one of the most reliable applications when it comes to learning languages, thanks to its choice of personalized courses, millions of users around the world have managed to learn a new language.

The amount of tools it has makes it an ally for teachers, since being available for any mobile device, it represents an excellent strategy to apply outside the classroom.

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