Many people like the idea of having an application on their mobile phone by the frequency with which they use it, avoiding having additional charges to the phone that are of little or little use. Many times this happens with games, because by offering a unique experience, the time ends up completely boring.

There are few applications of unique experience that pass this barrier of routine, either by having a well-armed history or by the gameplay that is made when executing it. This is the case of Megapolis, a game where you have to be the president of a city that you have to build little by little.

Use the different resources to create and maintain your dream city, access at any time to check activities and give responsibilities to companies and citizens. A way to make your perfect world within reach of your smart device.

*Daily gifts: as a bonus option, every day you receive a gift that goes from money to structures. These gifts are improving as the days go by but the condition is that you enter the application daily at least once to claim it.

*Collect your harvest: in this game you can delegate functions and jobs to institutes or people, every time a task is completed you are notified by the application and you must enter to collect the reward. You can also share with your friends the amount of reward you have raised.

*Integrated purchases: although the application is free, within it has integrated purchases which are based on acquiring Megadólares. In the application two types of currencies are handled: coins (these are the ones you get when completing jobs) and Megadollars (for purchases of special objects, they are obtained in integrated purchases or daily gifts).

You can build this city to your liking, build streets, buildings, houses, shops, parks, among others. Some buildings offer a certain amount of money after a certain tempo, as a way to reward the fact of having placed them. One or two structures may not provide much money, but when placing many you see a good number of coins to collect.

The traffic in the game is very interactive, since on the sidewalks of the streets you can see people walking, on the tracks you can see cars walking and in the lakes or rivers that you can see boats or boats walking. As you go up in level you can go buying land extensions that allow you to increase the size of your Megapolis.

Receive gifts from friends and offers to earn money from certain characters, you can play in the stock market and win or lose your investment, it's a matter of chance.

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