Cloud storage applications are increasingly dominant, as it is easier for a person to save content online and download it when needed through an internet connection that always carry it on your device, thus avoiding the use of useful memory. other documents such as recent photos or videos.

But among so many options that exist, such as the emblematic Microsoft and Google, we also have a great alternative called MEGA. With this application we can store all the content we want in an online cloud.

Having the possibility to download it at any time through an internet connection, beyond an account from the PC gives us the opportunity to access all that content from our phone by adding the same system and download manager. From videos to documents, there is no restriction when uploading content.

*Independent account: to access MEGA you need an account but it is exclusively for the application. Although the domain of the email you use to register is indifferent, the only connection you will have with this email is the notifications and other offers that arrive in case you authorize it in the configuration of the account.

*Easy access to your account: it does not matter if you need a content and you do not have your phone nearby, from another phone with the installed application you can log in and access all your personal content.

*Storage capacity: accounts with about 50 Gb of storage of the content of your preference, whatever your type, you can enter it in this amount of memory online offered by the company. In addition to generating exclusive MEGA download links that direct you to the application when you try to open them.

Upon entering the application gives you the option to register an account or log in if you are already registered, adding that your entry phrase is that you have 50 GB of free storage for your use. The application opens automatically if you try to open a MEGA link in the browser.

The 50 Gb of storage can only be used if you register your account or if you log in with your account, on the other hand, if you are not one of those who upload content online; You can use the application without logging in just to download files from MEGA.

It has a very simple user interface, you can choose the destination of the downloads in the settings of the application regardless of the type of file. Due to the latest updates it has improved considerably with respect to design, functionality and fluidity of it. An advantage is that apart from having a mobile application, it has a desktop version and an extension for Google Chrome.

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