Many people around the world look for websites where they can express their opinions, points of view and even ask for advice about certain things, that is why there are many blogs, social networks and instant messaging applications. But what would happen if someone wants to meet in real life?

MeetUp brings together all those things that people were looking for. It is an application that works like a forum, but at the same time it makes people with common interests know each other in real life and form discussion groups. Really interesting.

* Registration: joining MeetUp is really simple, the application does not ask for too much personal information.

* Show your interests: once the users register in the app, it shows them a series of options to choose from, where each person must select the topics in which they are interested, in order to connect them with people whose interests coincide.

* Wide range of options: the topics to choose are really varied, such as technology, family, health, sport, photography, composition, literature, cinema, LGTB community, among many others.

* Establish meeting places: since this is an application that seeks to gather people to talk, it asks them that once chosen the theme, they suggest a meeting place, in this way MeetUp automatically shows the user the meeting places available in their city, which were previously chosen by other users to meet.

* Change your location: the application allows you to modify your location, so regardless of where in your country or the world you are you can attend these appointments with other users whenever you want.

If the idea of meeting other strangers does not really appeal to you, there is no problem. MeetUp has a chat option, where you can start conversations as long as you want.

In the application, you can also see images of the encounters of many users around the world to get an idea of how it works and how are the dynamics with this type of reunion.

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