In recent years smartphones have taken over the baton due to the wide range of applications available in electronic stores. There is so much variety that one could say that there is an application that helps us with every aspect of our life.

As there are thousands of games and social networks that bring us fun and entertainment, there are other applications that believe it or not, can help you earn extra money without any physical effort, and that is the case of McMoney.

*Simplicity: using McMoney is really easy, all you have to do is download the application, follow the steps and receive text messages.

*Help buttons: the application has a button with a question mark, where the terms and conditions are explained, as well as the operation of the same and the answers to any type of doubt that may arise in the user.

*Transfers: the money you earn with McMoney really belongs to you and can be transferred to a PayPal account or donated to Unicef.

*Automaticity: as we mentioned at the beginning, with this application you will earn money without making any effort, all you have to do is receive text messages. These messages are sent and received automatically. They can be removed from the device without affecting the payment.

*Does not take up space: one of the best features of McMoney is that it does not weigh more than 3.4MB so it will not take up too much space in the storage of your device.

Many applications are useful and help us with our social life and our free time, but when it helps us earn extra money it definitely becomes a favorite. McMoney is undoubtedly an application that we should all have in our Androids.

Making money has never been so easy. With just one download you can earn up to $ 5 a month that nobody likes. Share the app with your family and friends and join the McMoney community.

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