Today there are many educational options that exist. We really have no excuse to prepare academically in the area we want. But how great it would be if our teachers were super stars.

In Masterclass you will have the best teachers, experts in each subject and many times your greatest idols. From Cheff Ramsey teaching cooking, Usher teaching the art of presentations, to Christina Aguilera in music.

* Classes: to start, this great application offers classes in most of the subjects you can imagine. It is not limited to those that are purely academic, such as mathematics and science, but goes much further. It offers technology classes, video games, cooking, acting, singing, music, oral expression, dance, among many others that you surely thought you would never learn.

* Tutors: here comes the most original part of Masterclass, and is that you will not see classes with teachers or conventional tutors. Instead, famous personalities from the world of entertainment share with you their tips, comments, recommendations and personal experiences to instruct you on the subjects you have chosen.

* Subscription: it is really important to emphasize that although the download of the application is completely free, to take the classes you will have to pay a subscription which will allow you access to all the forums and the study material for your academic preparation. This subscription is also limited to a certain type of content, so to use all the tools you must pay for the Premium version.

Masterclass offers us an opportunity that we never thought would be presented to us. The fact of seeing classes with such important people from all the entertainment industries makes this application one of the most valuable and popular of the moment.

Go to the electronic stores for download and start preparing yourself in the areas of knowledge with which you have always dreamed. This is your chance to meet your favorite stars.

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