Marvel Puzzle Quest
Marvel Puzzle Quest

For lovers of the Marvel film universe, come here with the great game Marvel Puzzle quest, which is a strategy and puzzle video game where you will find an incredible story about your favorite superheroes, the plot of the story tells about the super villain Norman Osborn which wants to completely end this universe.

 This great strategy game will put your mind to thinking more than usual because if you make a simple mistake you will fail the mission and what nobody wants will happen, the end of the Marvel universe with all its superheroes.

* Strategies: the game is based on this word, since if you do not join as many diamonds as possible you will not be able to advance to the next level, you will have to be very careful when choosing and joining the diamonds.

 * Interface: It has a very clean and colorful interface that highlights the outstanding characters of the Marvel universe, being this more attractive and striking for the public. 

 * Characters: As part of your strategy you must choose wisely the characters that will defend you during the game, since you will use their powers and with them defeat your opponent.

It should be noted that the Marvel universe is very extensive and that is why maybe not all the characters of himself will appear, but if the most recognized as the spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, hulk, ant man, thor , vision, Captain Marvel, the black widow among many others.

 You just have to have an intelligent device that has Android or IOS technology, with enough storage space available to make this download possible and be able to fight the bad guys so that good will win and all superheroes are happy with your great help .

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