Marvel Battle Lines
Marvel Battle Lines

The Marvel Universe is simply extraordinary; everyone loves it, more and more people are fanatics and now with more reason as it brings us another great title available for your favorite mobile devices: Marvel Battle Lines and this time it is in the hands of Nexon.

Marvel brings you a game of battles with cards in which you must design your best strategies so that you can finish your enemies. Do not wait any longer and get this fabulous game and fight against players from all over the world.

* Start: When downloading the game will show you the battle of Captain America and Red Skull for Cosmic Cube, when this is broken by accident and scatter cosmic fragments around the world accidentally absorb a piece, then with the help of a special glove you must restore the order of the universe.

* Complexity: This game has a somewhat advanced level of complexity when it comes to battle. You must calculate your movements well since the skills of the cards interact with each other. You can be destroying your enemies or affect the playing field, everything will depend on the cards you use and how you discard them.

* Characters: What makes this game a success is that you can play with the characters you want, some of these are: Thor, Captain America, Poison, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Thanos, among others. Also with your rewards when playing daily you can raise the level of your cards and strengthen your characters.

With Marvel Battle Lines you will have the chance to show your skills in front of other players in the player versus player games, show your friends that you are the best and enjoy this game to the fullest with your favorite superheroes and supervillains.

Get Marvel Battle Line on your smartphone or tablet to take with you everywhere, you can download this game for free. You must bear in mind that it is a heavy game therefore take the forecasts before downloading it.

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