Maps is an application server for web maps, belongs to the company of Alphabet Inc. This allows you to view images of scrollable maps, satellite photographs from all over the world and even routes between different locations or images at street level.

With Maps it is possible to navigate around the world easily and quickly as it has maps of more than 220 countries and territories, billions of businesses and places located on maps.

With this application you can get information about traffic, public transport, GPS navigation in real time and explore some local
neighborhoods anywhere in the world thanks to its technology of suggestions of restaurants, bars and places of interest.

*Explore: Through this application you can find the best establishments in the area you are in to go for a coffee, a snack, eat or go for drinks.

*Personalize: Not only allows you to save some other addresses but you can create "your sites" and you can automatically access all the places you have tagged, saved, visited and your maps.

*Details: When you search for a specific place the application offers you more information about it and in some cases it allows you to give a guided virtual view.

*Traffic: Through this option you can check the status in which the traffic is in real time and thus calculate the time you are going to last in a tour.

Maps is the most popular map application today, it has millions of downloads from different parts of the world and it is compatible with different operating systems of your favorite mobile devices.

With Maps you can travel the roads like a professional, shows you interesting sites, routes dynamically and gives you traffic information in real time and even gives you suggestions of the lanes to use.

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