Magic Tiles 3
Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 is the game where the rhythm will be important to level up, but calm that it is not a complicated dance anything like it! I speak of playing all the musical notes that descend from immortal songs that will surely have a special place in your heart.

The difficulty comes from the speed at which the notes will slide on your screen and a single error will cause the beautiful melody to be a bad sonnet and you have to start from scratch and it's not what you want, right?

Not to mention that it has the battle modality, in which you will compete with other players through the Internet, in this way the game will not only allow you to demonstrate your skill as a consecrated artist, but also you gain lots of rubies with which you will facilitate the unlocking of more songs.

*Design: It offers bright colors according to the theme that is "music", a fun palette of colors that together with the melody you get a totally different atmosphere where time will stop and you will enter a bubble just for you.

*Interface: Unique, intuitive and simple are the precise words to describe the software with options appropriate to the characteristics of the same, and the configuration can be continuous with the help of this, seeking a maximum experience for the player.

Lately music has become a second language for many in which young people and why not adults? With rebellious spirit that still immerse in a good rhythm to forget the stress of day to day can enjoy freely.

Delight yourself with this simulator of instruments such as drums, guitar and others with the help of your Android device in any of its modalities. Download this extraordinary game and become a true musician no matter you do not have skills, for at least a few minutes and enjoy the moment of being a true Rock Star!

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