Magic: The Gathering
Magic: The Gathering

In virtual stores such as PlayStore and AppStore there are so many games that it is very difficult to know exactly how many have gone through these famous download stores, from arcade games, Puzzle, strategy, adventure, shooting, racing, agility, board games, family, politicians among many genres found in these stores.

 Here comes Magic: The Gathering which is a game of cards and strategies where you must play wisely and choose the cards necessary to make that victory, as you progress in the game you must collect warriors for your battles, while more warriors you have in a deck of cards the victory may be a little easier than before.

* Interface: It has an interface rich in colors where you can observe the main and main characters of the game, thanks to this you will know all the characters that you will unlock to use them in your battles.

* Internet connection: Like the vast majority of games, this is also online, that is, you will play online with players from around the world and therefore you need to be connected to a mobile data network or a stable WiFi without lose connection

 * Creation of cards: Thanks to the collection of cards that you will be gathering you can join and transform two spells into a more powerful one to use against your rivals and be able to beat them, in addition to transforming spells you can also join characters to improve their skills and be stronger .

It is important to mention that you can team up with your classmates and colleagues even with your own family to invite them to play and join you to beat anyone who stands in their way to victory.

To make it possible to download this great card, strategy and puzzle game, you must have an Android or IOS device available that has enough storage space available for download from PlayStore and AppStore, which are the respective stores of these companies.

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