Lyft is an application of drivers on demand; applications of this type are becoming more common and this is one of the most popular in the market.

The idea of creating apps like these is to forget to take a taxi on the street and better be able to order one from the comfort of your home or place where you are located.

Lyft was launched in 2012 and counts available conversions for Android and iPhone. When you need to order a car, open this application follow the instructions it gives you and you will see a map according to your current location with the real-time animation of the cars in the vicinity. After requesting the car the application puts you in contact with the nearest available drivers.

*Interface: Lyft has an easy and simple interface to use, once you have downloaded it you just have to register.

*Payments: With Lyft you have left in the past paying with cash in taxis since the method of payment is through your phone quickly and very importantly, safely. You also have the option of dividing costs so that they can split the payment between your friends and thus no one is left owing.

*Drivers: The drivers who work for Lyft are reliable as they go through different tests before being approved to work in the service.

Applications such as Lyft have given a big shake in the taxi industry and car services, are the first companies that have caused a strong waves to remove local taxi companies.

Since it was launched, it took off like a rocket in profits and quickly became popular among young people and adults who never go anywhere without the use of their Smartphone.

Lyft is super safe to use and millions of people have chosen it instead of waiting for a taxi, and most of the population in different parts of the world prefer to enjoy night outings, trips and events with the Lyft service.

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