Luci Dream Journal
Luci Dream Journal

Many times, when we wake up we realize that we do not remember anything of what we dreamed the night before. These dreams are often important, or we want to remember them for a specific reason. However, there are certain methods or tools that can help us remember these important visions.

This is Luci Dream Journal, a really useful application, whose main objective is to help you remember your dreams, making use of certain sensory, cognitive, visual and auditory tools. If you want to know a little more about this innovative invention, keep reading this article.

* Recorder: we can start mentioning your fantastic recorder. Luci Dream Journal has a tool that allows the system to record audio while you sleep, in case you speak asleep and you did not know it. In this way, when you wake up you can review and listen to the sounds that are presented or the words you said asleep and thus remember what you dreamed.

* Notes: the next tool that is used in Luci Dream Journal are the blogs of notes, where you can write everything that comes to your mind just when you wake up. You should not waste time, just open your eyes you should open the application on your mobile device and write whatever you remember of the dream. Then you can organize it until you find an answer.

* Drawings and images: finally, the most peculiar tool of this application is its drawing space, because many people are visual, Luci Dream Journal has a space where you can draw the images that come to your mind.

If you thought that remembering your dreams would be more than impossible, you were definitely wrong. With Luci Dream Journal you can find out what your dreams are about and what they mean. Download it for free in electronic stores.

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