Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile

If you are looking for a good strategy game with which you can have fun for hours and also you can play it from your mobile device or tablet this might be the perfect one for you.

Lords Mobile is a real-time game in which players must build an empire and face other players from other parts of the world with incredible mass battles. With Lords Mobile you can conquer new lands, dominate your empire and most importantly have fun making new friends,

* Strategy: This is a game of management and strategy, includes some spectacular graphics and full of multitudinous battles, with much more than a hundred units on screen. What you must do is create your army, choose the heroes and make them grow to stand out over the troops of other players.

* Resources: To grow your empire you must implement different resources such as wood, stone, food, among others; to build new and better buildings. Also give armor and weapons to your heroes.

* Game modes: Lords Mobile has different game modes, you can choose the online battle to face players from all over the world or play the story mode where you face special enemies.

Undoubtedly, Lords Mobile is a game in which you must plan your own strategies to achieve that your empire grows and so that the monsters or enemy do not defeat your army.

Lords Mobile is a very popular game, completely free and that received a nomination in Google Play. There are many who play in this application, here you can find people from all over the world at the same time you have fun.

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