This application was launched on May 5, 2003 and has since covered more than 200 countries, and is available in multiple languages. One of the features of LinkedIn is that it allows you to publish data such as work experience, website, recommendations, education, among other personal characteristics.

In addition, you can make contact with other members generally focused on a specific professional field. The main objective of this application is to encourage professional connections that are classified in grades and that can be used to search for jobs or business opportunities based on recommendations of some connection. Other degrees can be used for professional contacts or groups with common interests.

LinkedIn can be used and taken advantage of by all, but unfortunately it is often seen as a simple tool for job seekers. However, the social network has become more than that.

*Profile: it is one of the most basic elements of the application but many do not get the most out of this tool. It is a digital resume that allows other users to see instant information about your professional history. It is necessary that you have a photo on your profile and complete as much personal information as possible.

*Connections: they are the whole, links with other people you know personally or not and serve to generate trustworthy contacts. It can connect with thousands of users through second or third degree connections. Once connected with a user, you can present to others with the same network and can grow your network of contacts in the application.

*Groups: offer an opportunity for users to share news, ask questions and have an opportunity to communicate. People who share an interest about a sector or topic.

Groups can be used as a knowledge base because if you ask a question, in a matter of minutes you will have answers or suggestions. A very useful feature are the recommendations, this allows you to gather certain brief excerpts from certain past or present colleagues and coworkers. Offer recruiters to check the user reference without using the phone.

You can make a company page, since it gives the general vision of a company, its services and career opportunities. It is a condensed version of the company's website that allows you to learn about it without having to leave the application.

The InMail function is the email version, users can send InMail to all their connections and to the users they would like to contact. The advanced search option allows you to find users or companies by entering specific criteria for the search.

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