LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning

As you surely know, there is a website called LinkedIn in which you can create a profile in order to get new jobs. This famous application has developed a new version for mobile devices that allows them to expand their curriculum.

This is LinkedIn Learning, an application that offers you countless courses in different areas that will help you expand your knowledge and develop different skills that allow you to improve your profile.

* Areas of knowledge: firstly it is important to mention that LinkedIn Learning works based on your LinkedIn profile, so if you do not have it, you should create it. Once that step is ready, the application will take into account the data provided by you and will suggest the courses that suit your professional profile.

* Choice of courses: however, in case of wanting to venture into other areas different from yours, you will have the possibility to choose between three categories: business, management and technology. In this way, courses related to each area will be presented and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

* Content: now, a very frequent question is whether these courses can be added to your curriculum, and the answer is yes. In fact the goal of LinkedIn is that users are not limited in their skills and knowledge, so, once completed each course you can add it to your profile and get new job opportunities suggested by the same system.

LinkedIn Learning is a totally free application, but it is very important to highlight that to have access to all available courses you must pay a subscription. However, the application offers a free month for users to become familiar with the system and discover if they are really interested.

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