Learning languages has never been easier than now thanks to the Internet and all the necessary tools to take classes from your mobile device wherever you are. If you want to learn several languages we present you one of the best options, Lingvist.

With Lingvist you can learn many languages such as German, Spanish, French, Russian or English; in a very simple and simple way in a short time. All these courses are customized adapted to the current level of any of these languages.

* Start Lingvist: When downloading the application you must start a session to save your progress, this can be through Google or Facebook. After this you will be placed in a home tab where you must translate 100 words daily to complete your daily lesson. If you already have some knowledge of the language you can progress to a card with greater difficulty.

* Lessons: In Lingvist you can find dozens of lessons in all levels, voice exercises, grammar aids and all kinds of useful content for your learning. From your profile there will be a record with all your progress.

* Statistics: Every day you can see your progress in the statistics panel that is in the top right. From here you can see the time that has passed in the lesson, the new words, the percentage of correct repetitions and the control of your learning percentage with graphics.

Lingvist is an excellent application for learning the different languages it offers, with a large amount of content in a simple and easy to use interface. It is an application full of interactive exercises that you will definitely like.

It is important to consider that although the download of this application is completely free, this tool is paid, so you will only have one free trial day. If you want to continue using the application after the free sample you must buy a subscription.

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