An application to communicate is basic on any mobile device, whether it is necessary an account in it or set a phone number, the idea is to have a sms service that does not incur expenses to debit the user's account through the use of internet.

This is an instant messaging application similar to WhatsApp, however it is not the most used or the most popular. But despite everything, it has a lot of features that make many people think it is much better than the other application mentioned above.

Offering the same features and even more compared to WhatsApp, it is a good alternative if you want to get out of the routine of the most common messaging applications. Introducing voice and video calls, possibility of sending images, documents, voice notes, among others.

*Stikers: these are an evolution of the emoticons since they allow us to insert images or large illustrations, they are originally preloaded in the application and you can download other packages of different themes. LINE also takes the user's side and gives him the opportunity to sell his own stikers. On the LINE website we will see that we can upload our own stikers, upload them fulfilling the requirements and put them in the marketing.

*Topics: gives us the opportunity to customize the appearance of the user interface with attractive themes with different themes ranging from landscapes to television characters. Changing both design and colors at the beginning of the application.

*Complete communication: not only send voice notes and messages, make your voice and video calls with LINE. It does not add additional costs, you just have to have a good internet connection.

This was one of the first instant messaging applications to include voice and video calls, at the beginning of its debut even WhatsApp did not have this feature. After its launch, the money raised by the owners of this application was gradually increasing and one of the strengths of this action was the Stikers.

Similarly, it was one of the first applications to include Stikers; Apart from those that were installed in the default application and the free packages, there are purchases included with respect to exclusive Stikers from a developer. It also gives you the opportunity to give Stikers to someone.

It also has your application or software for PC or Mac, you can manage your account from chats to calls from your desktop computer if it is difficult or tedious to be with the phone at any time.

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