Line Puzzle
Line Puzzle

For all lovers of challenging games we bring you an application that will surely keep you stuck to the screen of your mobile. This is Line Puzzle, a game that puts all your skills to work.

In this fun game you will have to assemble figures using your ingenuity and with a lot of imagination. With more than 300 levels, Line Puzzle will give you the most difficult tests, until your brain manages to find the solutions.

* Challenge your mind: this fantastic game will make you think, because it has the best challenges.

* Without time: one of the best things about Line Puzzle is that it does not set a time limit, so you can take all the time you need to find the solution.

* Levels: Line Puzzle has up to 300 difficulty levels, which you can get to know as you solve the lower ones.

* Design: this game has a really nice interface to the view, because it is simple without stopping being dynamic and entertaining.

* Free: available for Android and Apple devices completely free in their respective electronic stores.

If puzzles are your thing, Line Puzzle will become your favorite game in a matter of minutes. With just one download you can enjoy this great game on your mobile device no matter if you are not using a Wi-Fi connection.

In this web you will find the direct links for the download of Line Puzzle. You can tell all your friends about him and in this way, everyone will join the fun. Thanks to its attractive and interactive design everyone will want to reach the highest level.

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