Many times we are hanging around the game store to get one that satisfies us and entertains us but, this search becomes a bit tedious to not get any fun game and mostly offline.

 Lifty is a great game that we must necessarily be connected to a mobile data network or WiFi, in this game we will be an elevator driver where we must take passengers to their respective floors, we must take into account that passengers have a specific color and we will take them to the floor of their same color.

* Controls: The controls are very simple and easy to use since we will only have two buttons, one to raise the elevator and another to lower it

 * Time: None of the passengers like to wait for it, is that we must go up and down the elevator as fast as possible so that passengers do not stay waiting

 * Offline: The most fun of all this is that it will get us out of boredom by taking the passengers to their destination and without spending money playing.

It should be noted that as the level rises, passengers will have little time to wait and will get one and two passengers where you must buy and improve the elevator so that they enter, more passengers and it becomes a little easier than be carrying one and two passengers, these passengers if they pass the limit of waiting time will explode and if they exploit more than three the level will end.

In the other hand you need coins to improve the elevator and these pick up with passengers is the floors in soft that is to say where no passenger stays, therefore you will have to let them get off so they collect your coins and so more passengers can enter the same.

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