Everyone knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a bit difficult, which is why we are always looking for tools that help us achieve our physical or nutritional goals, and that is exactly what Lifesum offers us.

It is a support application where users can record all the information regarding their diet, daily physical activity, as well as their personal mood and goals.

*Scanner: this application has a barcode scanner that serves to consult the nutritional values of food and thus make good decisions.

*Records: Lifesum helps you to complete your training routines because in it you can write everything related to it, including the type of activity and duration.

*Circulo Life: in this app we will have a cycle style to follow, which is illustrated in the main screen of the app and it changes color as the user is fulfilling what was proposed, until it reaches a green color , which indicates that it has been a very good day.

*Statistics: one of the most striking aspects of Lifesum are its graphs and progress summaries, where we can show our development since we started using the application. All this allows us to know if we are improving or if on the contrary it is necessary to make changes in our routine.

*Availability: this application is available in the different electronic stores for iOs and Android, that is, Play store and App store.

*Web version: this is a very important aspect since users have the possibility to access their accounts from their computer.

Since its launch, Lifesum has become an ally for all those who seek to make positive changes in their routines, supporting them not only in food and physical exercise, but also in daily motivation.

This application is available to all Spanish-speaking users, and it saves the data provided by users permanently, so that each person will have the information available when they want to measure their progress.

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