All movie lovers will definitely want to get this application since none of them will want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of the largest community of viewers in the world. This application is the perfect paradise for moviegoers.

With Letterboxd you can discover movies and series every day as well as interact with others that belong to the community. It is a type of social network that will undoubtedly hook you. Do not waste any more time and download this fabulous application.

*Access: By downloading this application you can do many things, to start you can access the most popular movies of the moment, the most famous and the most viewed and commented by users in the community.

*Users: In this application there are many users who after watching the movies post their comments; therefore, you can see the recommendations that others have for you. You can also see the popularity of the movies of the week in this way.

*Discover: With this application you can discover all kinds of movies, from the newest or the oldest. You can also get the movies according to the director, the producer or the actors you are looking for.

With this social network you can be part of a large community of movie lovers. You will be aware of the latest news from the cinema or you can also know all the details about the oldest classics. Everything you like you can get here.

To use Letterboxd you will need an Internet connection since you must navigate. Here you will not find the full movies, but if you can discover other movies, see the advances and comments about them to see if it's worth it or not.

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