This game will definitely elevate your senses, being the president of a country where debates are held that pose the classics of a post-apocalyptic society of 2075, the year in which Lapse begins.

Bringing a whole nation to salvation or mass destruction, just by moving your finger to the left or right you can decide on the fate of this territory, making difficult decisions about different problems and missions in which the results will be reflected directly in their inhabitants and those around you.

Think carefully, leading has never been easy and even more in a world as challenging as this, but remember that nothing happens by chance because you have this world for you at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for to live fantastic and dangerous adventures?

*Graphics: The graphics show from the first moment the mystery of the game, with a minimalist and somewhat dark style, with simple and avant-garde designs where different details such as the source emphasizes that world of penumbras so striking for the various users.

*Interface: It is totally intuitive, thanks to the fact that it is simple and shows you the different options on the screen with light, gray and beige tones, enlarging the theme of the game. It also has an introduction to the story and shows you how it develops over time, which will help the user to obtain a rewarding experience in the flowering of the story.

Enjoy this graphic adventure along with the typology of the game that is through letters to which sliding to one side or the other will represent your agreement or disagreement of the situation.

The objective is to maintain the balance for itself to have peace, and to be able to stay in power for the maximum of time in which the strategy you use will be the key that will lead you to defeat or to the desired victory, under the concept that Lapse: A Forgotten Future is a copy of Reigns with the difference of instead of a King and a medieval era, there is a president and a futuristic and uncertain era.

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