Kuji Cam
Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is an application with built-in camera that allows you to capture images in a retro style. Currently it is one of the most popular in the entertainment industry due to the original appearance it gives to the images.

This application also works as a photo editor because you do not necessarily have to capture the image from your screen, but you can use the ones stored in the gallery of the device. Among its features we find the option to show the date when the photograph was taken.

*Instant preview: Kuji cam allows you to take a look at the picture immediately after capturing it.

*Random light leak filters: the most outstanding feature of this app and what makes it so original is that it applies light leakage filters to photos, which had never been seen before in another filter app.

*Customizable date stamp: as mentioned at the beginning, this application allows you to show the date on which the image is captured, but the best thing about it is that it can be modified, so that the date can be set by the user prefer

*Self-timer: just like any other camera, the kuji cam has a timer which can be set so you need to touch the screen. You just have to pose for the photo and this wonderful app does the rest.

*Without ads: one of the things that most appeals to users is the fact that it does not contain any type of annoying advertising.

Since its launch, Kuji Cam has become one of the most popular applications, thanks to its fantastic retro-style filters and its reddish touches, many users around the world use it to get the best selfies.

Similarly, a large number of artists in the entertainment world show how much they like the famous Kuji camera by posting hundreds of photos on their social networks using the date options.

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