Komoot is an application that is useful for lovers of mountain biking and hiking, as it provides routes, paths and tracks even when it is out of coverage or without an internet connection, which allows users to explore new places.

Using this application you can plan any type of adventure on asphalt, land, city or mountain, because it provides information on the surface, expected difficulty, distance to travel and even the elevation of space.

*Quantification of distance: the application provides information on the distance traveled regardless of whether the user is on a bicycle or on foot.

*It has a route tracker: this allows finding new roads that lead to the final destination established by the user.

*Provide activity reports: Komoot records all the data provided by the user.

*Includes an exercise journal: this app has an exercise journal that will allow you to easily record your progress past training.

*Free of ads: this is one of the features that most like among the community, because the application does not have ads, which makes it much more pleasing to the eye.

*Synchronize with the cloud: this means that all the information provided by the user will be stored in the cloud, so regardless of the device used to log in, your data and messages will be the same.

*Highest score in the app store: the quality of this application can be evidenced in the reputation it has in Apple's online store, App store. In this sense, users have rated it with the maximum number of stars, giving it 5 for its excellence in design and operation.

For all lovers of hiking and cycling who want to venture into new adventures, Komoot is undoubtedly the ideal application, it will be an ally when planning new routes and one of the most reliable for having the option to operate without being connected to the data or offline.

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