Kodi is a file player that will turn your electronic devices into a multimedia center where you can see all kinds of content and join this great family in which hundreds of users enjoy this exceptional product because it has open source, which means that It is easy to download.

This App is ideal to watch your favorite series, movies, play music, images and much more, all in one application taking into account that with the help of your versatility live this moment on your computer with Windows and other devices such as Smart TV and some video game consoles without any limitation to fun.

*Open Application: thanks to the software it presents, it allows you to connect directly to other applications such as YouTube or SoundCloud, which makes it ideal for downloading on Android Smart TV.

*Configuration: from the first moment it offers you an interface that will provide various options for the configuration of the same as it is the language, resolution among others.

*Adaptability: regardless of the type of screen it offers you good image quality with an exquisite resolution with a visible menu and easy access to configure the application if necessary.

Kodi has become the ideal ally to fill those voids of boredom with this wonderful service, which will make your life easier to reproduce all your favorite things. So do not wait any longer and download this application that will surely not disappoint you!

Remember that to see content it must be added as it is a player and not a producer, so do not be alarmed when you see the desolate screen when accessing for the first time, it is simply a blank page waiting to be filled in order for you to live Unique moments.

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