King of Thieves
King of Thieves

The strategy games are very well defined based on the themes of "correct" games, implementing the ingenuity of the user to solve problems and carry out a clean story. We speak of personal neatness because in King of Thieves it is something that can not be included at all.

This time we talk about using skills to steal gems in a game whose setting is similar to medieval buildings with traps and physical puzzles that get in the way of expensive. Live a totally different adventure and even share your skills in the platform's peculiar multiplayer platform.

So arm your defenses, try to steal as many gems as possible and make yourself noticed in the wars of thieves' guilds in an arcade-type application with thousands of users.

*Custom attire: there is a variety of outfits for your character in the game store, choose between different models of clothes and acquire the one that best suits your personality to be able to differentiate yourself originally among the other players.

*Get the throne: you can enter more action to improve your skills to compete against other players, this ranking being global to be able to climb the position board. In the same way, you can improve your personal throne so that your skills as a thief are automatically improved.

*Guilds: these guilds can be considered as thieves' clans, you can look for trustworthy thieves to build your own guild and make war on others, unleash battles in the arena and lead your team to victory to get great rewards.

This application gives a more transcendent meaning to the term "steal" as it is proposed as something that is done for fun, collecting gold and gems from other players so that you can become the richest thief in the world, at least on the platform d King of Thieves.

Similarly, many thieves will want to steal your riches, so you'll have to put together the most complicated defenses in your dungeon in such a way that these thieves who want to penetrate it can not reach your valuable content to steal it. So enjoy knowing how many fall into your perfect traps.

There are exclusive gems that you can obtain from magic spheres, so you can learn spells to become better when you get one of these. In the same way you can use these powers to defeat opponents.

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