Jotterpad is a modern application designed for writers, scriptwriters, editors or simple editors with a traditional work style since this application offers a mobile platform to write and write any novel, story or article in a simple but very efficient way because it offers necessary tools for that you can develop an excellent job.

This application allows you to create stories in a few minutes for easy handling and understanding, you can also use it from anywhere that is your comfort, be productive and use the free time to take your imagination and inspiration to the fullest.

*It's Practical: Jotterpad has a limited number of tools ideal to avoid distractions and complicated options to understand that make you lose time and that inspiration vanishes, this application provides a classic experience to the most conservative writers to recreate the simplicity of the typewriters.

*It is Personalized: Although it is considered a simple and classic platform, it is adapted to modern times because it offers varied options so that you can express all your style in your letters and works so that it is of your total pleasure and conformity.

*No Limits: You no longer have to worry about your available storage space because Jotterpad allows you to upload your work and updates to any cloud so that space is not a limitation of your imagination so you can express yourself and expand as much as your creativity allows.

If you miss the ease with which a story was created in the days before Jotterpad is the ideal application for you, because it offers a totally authentic experience by eliminating the elements that are too much so you do not get distracted and can concentrate on your story.

Jotterpad also allows you to write without internet connection so you do not miss any opportunity to create an incredible story, and as soon as you have access you can save all your updates. Download Jotterpad now for free.

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